Bleep Klub | An Open Space for Electronic Music and Visual Improvisation

We meet every two weeks at Strange Brew, Bristol. We plug in electronic instruments, projectors and play.

Bleep Klub is open to ideas and can operate in other spaces. Get in touch, if you want to have a chat about a Bleep Klub takeover in a space or a collaboration. Occasionally, we run other events called ’Bleep Klub Presents’. Past events have included showcases of Bleep Klub talent, our ambient soundscapes night ‘Space Rituals’ and ‘303 Day’, our tribute to the liquid squelch of the Roland TB303. We like ideas, creativity, working together, listening, being heard, cooperation and clear communication.

Creativity is a powerful force and there’s lots of it here. So come along, try things out and bounce your ideas around. 


Bleep Klub | An Open Space for Electronic Music and Visual Improvisation

Bleep Klub is a collective of electronic sound producers and visual artists. Bleep Klub offers a space that bridges the gap between studio/bedroom producers and performers. It’s a place to try out sounds and gear without the pressure of a live performance.

We offer musicians and VJs an open platform to experiment with others to a high quality production aesthetic.

This is a plug-and-play guided improvisation session that looks and sounds dope.

Current members come from a range of backgrounds such as sound engineers, visual artists, DJs, performers — from absolute beginners to long time veterans. There’s plenty of space, so come along and see what we do.

We believe that if you’ve come along to a session, added some creative input, sounds or visuals then you’re automatically a member of Bleep Klub. We’re by no means a clique or closed members–only club, we just want to give people an open and unique opportunity to Bleep with others and we’re waiting for you!


First, you can just come, watch and listen. Second, you can try things out in a venue setting without the pressure of performing. Finally you can test your creations and creative tools with like-minded people.

Recommended £5 donation.


  • Space
  • Tables pushed together to form a large setup area
  • Wall space for projecting
  • Electricity
  • Soundsystem (it’s nice & loud!)


Strange Brew set up: 18:00,
Session start: 19:00,
Session ends: 22:30

We provide the venue space, sound system, mixing desk, power, sync options, projection space.

We set up a large island of tables for both noise makers and visuals.

The tables provide room for up to 10 or more electronic music makers at one time and there are multiple power points and a mixing desk to plug into. 

Meanwhile, the large wall spaces can accommodate up to 7 projectionists and we have shelves for positioning projectors on the back wall.

Playing together: Sometimes we may midi-sync sounds and visuals together, suggest a key to play in or a mood to follow. Sometimes the music follows the visuals, while other times it’s very free and we see where it flows.

The sound is often quite full – especially at the start – but as you play or stand back and listen to the sounds of other’s it begins to ebb and flow together nicely. There’s a natural tendency to play for a while, take a break, have a listen, take it all in, play a bit more, check out other people’s kit, have a bit of a chat… it’s a lot of fun.

You will be surrounded by exquisite experimental visuals on a massive wall, smoke machines and even lasers (sometimes).

It’s a very sensory experience and once you plug in and play you automatically become part of the Bleep Klub soundscape and visual environments.


Bleep Klub isn’t exclusively an electronic music and visuals space, but it is the direction it has taken for now. We often have vocalists, guitars, and we’ve even had gongs, xylophones and percussion bought along to the sessions as well.

We definitely suggest bringing your own projector or ways to enhance your visual presence. You’ll also need to bring long cables for power, audio, midi and/or CV sync to reach across the tables and plug in to the the mixing desk and midi sync box (if you want to).

The ability to monitor your own sound can also be very useful so you can audition sounds, levels or troubleshoot problems without coming out of the main speakers at super high levels. 


Yes definitely, we are a welcoming bunch of people, we have sofas you can come and sit on, chill, watch, listen, get loaded or walk around and chat to regulars and your new friends. Quite often Bleepers bring their mates or partners who hang out and enjoy the sounds and colours.


The hall isn’t particularly wheelchair friendly at the moment but it’s something that is being worked on as it’s important to us. The toilets aren’t wheelchair friendly and there’s a small step as you enter the building. Watch this space, as things are changing.